Our new catalog is now available!  Click here to check it out.

To log on to  your account online, click on the 'My Account' button.  You'll need to enter your library card number and your Pin.  Please note:  Your Pin may be set as either the year of your birth, or the last 4 digits of your primary phone number. 

Thanks for your patience as all information and settings are still being tweaked.  For any questions or issues, feel free to contact the Reference Desk at 610-398-1361 option 7, or info@parklandlibrary.org.

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New Library Catalog FAQs

We are thrilled to announce our new library catalog is arriving in August! While we are transitioning from old to new catalog, here's what to expect and how you can help with our exciting change.

We want you to have the best experience finding the materials you need to discover, connect and grow. Please let us know if you have questions.

Need help? Contact us via phone (610) 398-1361 x14. or by email.

You can access the catalog through the same search bar at the top of our website’s homepage you are used to: My Account or Catalog, or by entering a new search.

Here’s our new cool catalog upgrade features:

  • Seamlessly use the new catalog on your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Select your notice preference, including email, text, or automated calls. Opt in for additional text notification for held items so you don’t ever miss a hold.

Will our library be closed at all during the transition?

Our library will only be closed on Thursday, August 16.

Will I be able to use our catalog to search for books?

Our catalog is currently down while we change to our new catalog. Please ask a librarian for help finding materials.

I know that I can't place holds on books and other materials starting August 4. What will happen to my holds that I placed before August 4? Will they transfer over?

Please place holds now or wait for our catalog. No holds can be placed between August 4 and August 16. Your holds placed prior to August 4 will transfer over to our new catalog.

Can I return my books during the transition?

Plan to keep your items during the transition. Returns are not possible between August 11 and August 17.

I like to track what I read. Will My Lists and Checkout History transfer over to the new catalog?

Print your lists and checkout history before August 11. They will not transfer to our new catalog.

Will our old catalog be down during the transition?

While our catalog is down between August 11 and August 16, please ask a librarian for help finding materials

When will I get my first look at the new catalog and get to resume all my normal activities?

Our new catalog will arrive around August 18.  We hope you enjoy our new catalog as much as we think you will. Stay tuned for announcements on our website, enews, and Facebook.

Will I be able to access my digital books, audiobooks, music and other digital resources during the switch to the new catalog?

Most of our digital resources will still be available during our transition to the new catalog. 

What will the new catalog look like? Can we see a preview?

We’re excited about our new catalog. You can go on Emmaus Public Library to explore what our new catalog may look like.

Will fines change with the new catalog?

Fines will change on September 1:
25¢ per day/per item for books and CDs | 50¢ per day/per item for DVDs, and video games.

I don’t have a lot of time to waste surfing the catalog for books. What if I get confused or lost in the new catalog especially when I’m still getting used to it? Is there some sort of Help function?

Our new catalog is intuitive, but we know it will take time to get used to it. Need help finding a book? You can always call Reference at 610.398.1361 x14 or email info@parklandlibrary.org

Can I share my books, movies, and other resources I find in your new catalog with my Facebook friends?

While there are no share to Facebook buttons, you can share the link to the book by copying and pasting it to your Facebook post.  

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