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Community Bulletin Board Policy

Purpose: The Parkland Community Library provides a community space for the display
and dissemination of materials for community activities and events as well as public
service notices of community interest.

The community bulletin boards may be used for posting the following types of

1. Postings of forthcoming or continuing educational, social, civic, charitable,
cultural, or recreational activities.

2. Flyers, announcements, or schedules by nonprofit organizations, groups, or
agencies, or by any federal, state, or local government agency pertaining to
services provided by the government to citizens.

3. Materials announcing community services and volunteer opportunities.
Items that do not meet the above criteria, such as commercial, personal, or political
notices or petitions, will not be posted.

Posting Guidelines

The following applies to the bulletin board:

1. All items must be reviewed and posted by library staff. Notices posted or left on
tables without authorization will be removed and recycled.

2. Due to limited display space, some approved items may not be posted due to
space restrictions. Priority in posting will be given to announcements by local and
neighboring organizations.

3. Postings without a specific date will be displayed for a reasonable length of time,
as determined by the library, and then removed. Once items are removed, they
are recycled.

4. The Parkland Community Library does not assume responsibility for materials
damaged or stolen.

5. Posting of materials does not imply library endorsement or consent; nor will the
library accept responsibility for the accuracy of the statements made in such