Food Collection

January 2022

Parkland CARES is seeking donations of

Chicken Noodle Soup (Regular Size Cans)
& Granola Bars (Small Boxes)

Please consider donating to this worthy cause this January!

The Parkland Community Library has partnered with our local food pantry, Parkland CARES, to collect food donations for those in need. Approximately 27% of the Parkland community is currently food insecure, and we are proud to assist the food pantry with their mission to end hunger in our community. With their help, we established a permanent donation bin located in our front entryway for our patrons to place their items. This greatly benefits the food pantry, since donations can now be accepted during the library’s hours at your convenience. We also have a dedicated volunteer who comes once a week to deliver the donations directly to the food pantry.