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Pennsylvania Nonfiction from 100s to 900s

Did you know Pennsylvania Day is on July 20th? We have Pennsylvania history, local history, and much more! To showcase a range of Pennsylvanian topics, we gathered a list of books from across the Dewey decimal call numbers, from the 100s to the 900s.

About Pennsylvania Day

Pennsylvania was the second state to join the Union. Once the home of the temporary capital of the United States in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is also known as the Keystone State. It is not clear why Pa is called the Keystone State any longer. Some believe the nickname harkens back to the stone bridge building. Leaving out the keystone of a structure will lead to an eventual collapse. We would like to bring to light that Pennsylvania played many roles in the nation’s history that could be considered keystones. First is the vote for independence. Second, PA supported the millitary during the American Revolutionary War. Thrid, Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed in Philadelphia during its tenure as the temporary capital. And fourth, Pennsylvania was geographically centered of the 13 original colonies. 

At PCL, we’re celebrating by highlighting out collections of local history. We’re proud of our local history, and would love for you to check out our collection.

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We recommend


August Wilson; foreword by Samuel G. Freedman

A man is building a fence around his back yard, which is a metaphor for his family relationships.

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We recommend

Keystone fly fishing : the ultimate guide to Pennsylvania’s best water

Mike Heck, Gary Kell, Len Lichvar, Jay Nichols, Henry Ramsay, Dave Rothrock, Brian Shumaker, Ben Turpin & Karl Weixlmann. 

The definitive, up-to-date guide to Pennsylvania’s best fly fishing by regional experts and guides. Includes over 200 rivers and streams across the state as well as information on where to fish for trout, smallmouth bass, and other game fish species. First ever guidebook to the state written by a group of regional experts (professional guides, fly fishing instructors, lecturers, fly tiers) to provide insider knowledge to the best fishing opportunities. Stunning color photographs, accurate maps (created with GIS), and over 200 local fly patterns are featured. -Amazon.

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Out in central Pennsylvania : the history of an LGBTQ community

William Burton with Barry Loveland

“Examines the rise and development of an LGBTQ community in the heart of Central Pennsylvania, and how gay identity and social and advocacy networks form outside of a large urban environment.”

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The big book of Pennsylvania ghost stories / Mark Nesbitt, Patty A. Wilson

Mark Nesbitt, Patty A. Wilson

Reader, beware! Turn these pages and enter the world of the paranormal, where ghosts and ghouls alike creep just out of sight. Authors Mark Nesbitt and Patty A. Wilson shine a light in the dark corners of Pennsylvania and scare those spirits out of hiding in this thrilling collection. From apparitions of fires and soldiers struggling in the cold at Valley Forge to ghostly children stalking Gettysburg College dormitories, these stories of strange occurrences are sure to send a chill up your spine. Around the campfire or tucked away on a dark and stormy night, this big book of ghost stories is a hauntingly good read.

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Canine Heroes

We are so grateful for our faithful service dogs in the police force, military, fire, and rescue. Let us honor our canine heroes. Yoda detained a fugitive, ending the nearly two-week-long search.Photo by the Associate PressDogs make great companions but have also demonstrated bravery, loyalty, and determination in their roles of police work, war, and…

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Spooky Season

Booklist It’s that moment… The chilly breeze russles the leaves, and you hear a “SNAP.” Is there someone or something following you along this desolate roadside? Escape into your next favorite haunting tale! Spooky Season Booklist We RecommendThese Spooky Season Scary-Tales View more selections in our catalog and download the reading list. Spooky Season Booklist…

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