Parkland Community Library and the LCLC are now Fine Free!

Parkland Community Library and our sister libraries in the Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative (LCLC) are pleased to announce that starting September 1, 2021, we will no longer charge late fees for overdue books and select materials. Exceptions apply. When visiting other libraries in the LCLC, be sure to ask what fees may apply. Special collections will continue to have late charges or other fees in accordance with each library’s policies.

Why the change? Going fine-free ensures that everyone in our community will have access to library materials and services, which is our primary purpose as a public library. Our community is stronger and healthier when people have access to the programs, services, and materials they need to pursue their educational, career, family, and life goals, and library staff can focus on what we like to do best: helping our patrons! We believe this will encourage prior users to return to the library and attract new users to experience our offerings.

Past Overdue Fines: Starting September 1, 2021, the library can waive any overdue fines on your account from any past materials, exceptions apply. We won’t waive any old fees except for overdue items.

What is the difference between a fine and a fee?
Fines are time-based, punitive charges on items borrowed longer than their limits. Fees are for library services and products such as copying, printing, material replacement costs, etc.

Read more about the LCLC here.