SummerQuest 2022

Oceans of Possibilities! June 13-July 30

Dive into the ocean depths at SummerQuest! SummerQuest (previously known as Summer Reading) provides readers of all ages the opportunity to experience everything the library has to offer through leisure reading, programs, and participation in a variety of activities. Readers registered in the program log the activities they complete. Incentives are offered for the completion of activities. Our theme this year is Oceans of Possibilities™. We also hope you’ll join us in our new space for storytime, yoga, game nights, and book clubs.

Pick up or download your activity logs and gameboards starting June 13. A separate news article will be posted with the bingo boards. If you would like to pick up a game board, adults can stop by the Reference desk. For children and teens, visit the Youth Services desk.

Benefits Of Taking The 2022 Summer Reading Challenge

Children (Ages 2-5th grade)

The Summer Quest Reading Challenge promotes literacy in readers of all ages. Children learn about communication, language, storytelling, and letters long before they actually learn to read and write, and this is where early literacy comes in. Summer reading provides incentives for kids to keep reading and learning!

Teens (6th-12th grade)

At PCL, we make an effort to include teens and get them involved with programs, materials, volunteering, using online resources, streaming services, and of course, books. Teens can sign-up for their own library card. We guarantee the confidentiality of library usage.

Adults (Ages 18 and up)

SummerQuest 2022 is making a splash in an Ocean of Possibilities! Parkland Community Library is celebrating all things marine for this year’s summer reading theme. We’re challenging our patrons to step outside their comfort zone and try books from a variety of different genres and formats. We encourage adults to have fun, and explore new interests. Our bingo cards provide the inspiration you need to start your Summer Quest oceanic adventure!

Adults (continued)

Choose your way to participate! Stop by the Reference desk or download our bingo card and reading log. The reading log is focused solely on reading while the bingo card incorporates fun activities with reading. Bingo cards are also available in large print and versions for patrons with disabilities.

Once you select your way to play, start reading books or listening to audiobooks and Playaways. Don’t forget about our digital collection of sea-books and audiobooks with Libby and Hoopla

Looking for a Pacific genre? Ask our librarians for personalized suggestions. We are shore you will find your next favorite read at Parkland Community Library!

How can I participate?

Download our game boards and reading logs. For printed copies, adults can stop by the Reference desk; children and teens, visit the Youth Services desk. *One card per participant. Game boards and reading logs will be posted separately in the News section of our site June 13.

Adults (Ages 18+):

  • Read books or listen to audiobooks. eBooks and eAudiobooks are encouraged! Check out Libby and Hoopla to see all our digital titles. 
  • Looking for a great book? Check out our Reading Lists for ideas, or request three personalized recommendations.
  • Log your reading or mark your bingo card. You only need to include the title and author of the book. Any programs listed on the bingo will have a secret code word available at the program. Don’t forget to write the code word on your bingo card

For patrons with developmental disabilities:

  • Each square on your Bingo card contains an activity.
  • Once you finish your activity, put an “X” in the box.
  • Complete all the activities to win a prize!

Teens (Grades 6-12):

Teens can participate either by choosing to log reading hours only or
by playing the bingo game.

Teens will be able to start redeeming prizes at the Youth Services desk starting on June 20th.

  • Play Bingo: Complete the small tasks on your game board.
  • Read books, ebooks, graphic novels, or listen to audiobooks. 


  • Log your 25 hours spent reading
  • Attend teen library events or pick-up take and make kits.

Children (Ages 2-5th grade):

  • Read books, magazines, and comics or listen to audiobooks. Earn incentives based on time spent reading
  • Play Bubbles of Fun! Complete all the gameboard activities for a chance to earn an extra prize and raffle entry
  • Visit the library to check out your favorite series, discover new releases, or ask a librarian for a book recommendation
  • Attend free programs. Check out our online event calendar for more information and to RSVP.

How do I complete the challenge?

Redeem your completed game boards and reading logs to the library on July 30, 2022, by 1 PM to claim any applicable prizes and be entered into any raffle drawings. July 30 is also the final day for children to spin the prize wheel.


How do I earn drawing entries?

  • Earn 1 ticket per book or activity you complete.

How do I complete the program?

  • Complete two rows of bingo and you’ll be entered into our grand prize drawing!
  • Read and log 8 books and you’ll be entered into our grand prize drawing!

I completed the program, now what?

  • Keep reading! Attend more programs! You can continue to earn entries for our biweekly drawings by logging your reading and marking your bingo card.


  • There will be prize drawings every two weeks for a $25 eGift card at different stores. Everyone who earned tickets during those two weeks will be entered in the drawings. The more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning. 
    • Drawing 1: $25 Giant gift card
    • Drawing 2: $25 Lehigh Valley Home and Garden gift card
    • Drawing 3: $25 Etsy gift card
    • Drawing 4: $25 Amazon gift card
  • To enter our grand prize drawing, you’ll need to read and log 8 books or complete two rows of bingo.
    • Grand Prize: $75 Target gift card

Questions? Email

  • Every 200 minutes spent reading (or being read to) earns you a spin at our prize wheel and a raffle ticket for a chance to win a themed gift basket. Here is a sampling of raffle prizes…
    • XL 20″ Squishmallow
    • LEGO Master basket
    • Arts & Crafts basket
    • Electric train set and MORE
  • Read 800 minutes and receive your choice of a FREE book

Questions? Email

Teen Prizes

To be entered into the drawings for the gift cards you must complete one row of bingo and complete five hours of reading.

Teens will be able to start redeeming prizes at the Youth Services desk starting on June 20th.

Questions? Email


$25 Barnes and Noble gift card 
$25 Target gift card 
$25 Box Lunch gift card 
$25 Second and Charles gift card

Grand Prize:

$75 Amazon gift card 

View the 2022 PSA Spanish version.

PA Forward is a statewide
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Association (PaLA), which works
to strengthen the state’s libraries
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PA Forward: Basic Literacy
This program supports Pa Forward Basic Literacy. Tag us on social media with your reading choices:

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Food Collection

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Parkland School District’s Summer Reading Lists

Here are our book lists for students entering each grade of high school. Please note that we may also have some of these titles in other formats, including e-books, e-audiobooks, and CD audiobooks. For some titles, we may have movie adaptations, graphic novel adaptations, literary criticisms, and Cliffs Notes.  If you need help finding those formats,…

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