Young Critics Book Club


Monthly, on the third Thursday

Young Critics Book Club is a monthly book discussion for ages 8-12. We will share ideas for other great reads while enjoying fun activities and snacks. Even if you have not finished the book, join us anyway. A parent or guardian must be present for this event.

June: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

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Your family will discover the benefits of reading!

Joining our Young Critics Book Club will cultivate a love of reading in your child in the best environment and help improve their performance in school. Book clubs are a great place to get in the habit of critical thinking. Children will read and analyze the story to find deeper meanings in the literature. The selected book’s literary analysis will aid your child’s development of conversational skills and expand their ability to express ideas. Our activities are related to literature in one way or another. By being in the club, your children will be in the best environment to develop a love for literature.

May’s Gathering

Our ten critics discussed the Historical Fiction Novel Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani. The story was written through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl writing to her mother, who died during the birth of her and her twin brother. In August 1947, India became free from British rule. There was much unrest and strife as families left their homes in India and traveled to the “New India.” Suddenly, travel was dangerous as Hindus and Muslims who had been living peacefully with one another now became enemies. Much of the story revolved around food, so our snacks for this program were authentic Indian snacks. Most of the group was unfamiliar with these flavors, but they enjoyed them! We all enjoyed crafting our diaries.

Join us on June 20 for the next Young Critics Book Club!

January 2024 Session

We tried something different for January’s session. Our library group read a book of their choosing and reviewed it for their peers to have their book selected for upcoming clubs. The kids took this assignment seriously and were very thorough with their reviews. Out of ten reviews, we only had ONE spoiler!

Each kid created a bookmark that represented the book they reviewed. The artwork will be used as the Young Critics promotional bookmark. Patrons can learn about our group at the Youth Services desk.

And the winner is… Restart by Gordon Korman!

December 2023 Session

At December’s Young Critics Book discussion group, we read Roald Dahl’s The BFG. The consensus was a “Big Thumbs Up” for this selection.

For our activity, we made our Dream Jars like those on the shelves of The BFG’s Cave, and we all shared what type of dream we would like the Giant to give us. For a snack, we had scrumdlliumptous “Snozzcumbers,” and for the beverage, we drank the green beverage called “Frobscottle, which was sweet and tasted like vanilla cream with a hint of raspberry! Thankfully, ours did not cause any Whizpoppers for any of us!

January Pick: Critic’s Choice; pick something you want to read!

All programming is sponsored by The Friends of the Parkland Community Library. 
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