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Welcome to Parkland Community Library’s Policy Page. Please view our Contact page for COVID-19 procedures. Click here for our Tech Center computer use guidelines and policies.

Food & Drink Policy

The Parkland Community Library strives to create a welcoming environment for the public. It is consistent with this goal to allow food and non-alcoholic beverages to be consumed in the library in a responsible and considerate manner, minimizing the risk of damage to library collection, computers, and furnishings while meeting the needs of users who are in the library for extended periods. Therefore, the following rules apply:

  • Covered beverages and snacks are permitted.
  • Covered beverages should have a cap or a securely fitted lid.
  • Library staff has the right to direct patrons to immediately remove any food and beverages that do not conform to this policy in library staff’s sole judgment.
  • Patrons bringing food and beverages into the library are responsible for disposing of empty containers and trash in appropriate receptacles, they must clean up any spills or messes they create, and they must bring any more serious damage to the attention of library staff immediately.

Damage caused by food/drinks will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Unattended Child Policy

For the protection and well-being of children who use and enjoy the library, the following policy has been established:

  1. Library staff cannot assume responsibility for the care, safety, or well-being of children in the library.
  2. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children of any age while in the Library.

Returned Check Policy

The Library will accept cash, money orders, cashier checks, or personal checks for the payments of fines and fees. If a check is returned for any reason, the Library will assess a processing fee of $25 on the patron’s library account. Payment must be made in full with cash or money order before the customer can resume borrowing privileges. The Library reserves the right to refuse personal checks of any patron who previously has had checks returned.

Customer Code of Conduct

The Board of Directors of the Parkland Community Library, by adopting the following code, seeks to ensure that our library provides a positive atmosphere conducive to the appropriate use of its services and facilities. This code is supported by related library policies and procedures. We expect our customers to:

  1. Attend to personal belongings. The library is not responsible for personal belongings left in or on Library property.
  2. Use restrooms only for their intended purpose. Smoking and bathing are prohibited.
  3. Wear shoes and shirts.
  4. Maintain bodily hygiene.
  5. Use covered containers when bringing beverages into the library and comply with the posted ‘Food and Drink policy’.
  6. Use library furniture, equipment, and materials for their intended purpose.
  7. A parent or caregiver is responsible for the safety and well-being of their children on library property. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Program attendance is allowed without a parent when library staff is present and the child has been signed in to the program.
  8. Follow established loan procedures before taking Library property out of the building.
  9. Use all library areas, including library parking areas, sidewalks, and lawns, safely.
  10. Leave the library at the designated closing time. Any children 12 through 17 not picked up by closing time will be turned over to the South Whitehall Township Police Department.
  11. Refrain from solicitation of any kind for any purpose.

Adopted 5-6-2015 Amended 1-27-2022

The following actions and forms of conduct are not permitted:

  1. Sleeping.
  2. Harassing or speaking abusively to library staff or customers.
  3. Destroying library buildings, materials, or equipment.
  4. Bringing animals and pets into the library, except for service animals.
  5. Loitering outside the building.
  6. Behaving in an unlawful, disruptive, or potentially harmful manner.
  7. Blocking or interfering with the movement of individuals.
  8. Engaging in sexual activity of any kind, sexual harassment, or indecent exposure.
  9. Smoking cigarettes or E-cigarettes.
  10. Consuming or possessing alcohol, illegal drugs, or being under the influence.
  11. Monopolizing library equipment, materials, or facilities; preventing others from using them.
  12. Carrying illegal weapons of any type.
  13. Disturbing other customers with noise-producing activities such as cell phone use.
  14. Damaging, destroying, or stealing any customer’s, or employee’s property.

Violation of the Library Customer Code of Conduct

The library reserves the right to require anyone violating the Library Customer Code of Conduct to leave the library. Anyone who is required to leave the library due to a violation of the Library Customer Code of Conduct will not be permitted back in the library building or grounds for the remainder of the day. Serious or repeated misconduct may lead to contacting local officials.

Community Publicity Policy


The Parkland Community Library provides a community space for the display and dissemination of materials for community activities and events as well as public service notices of community interest.

The community message center in the hallway located adjacent to the Karen Tamerler Children’s Meeting Room may be used for posting the following types of information:

1. Postings of forthcoming or continuing educational, social, civic, charitable, cultural, or recreational activities.

2. Flyers, announcements, or schedules by nonprofit organizations, groups, or agencies, or by any federal, state, or local government agency pertaining to services provided by the government to citizens.

3. Materials announcing community services and volunteer opportunities.

Items that do not meet the above criteria, such as commercial, personal, or political notices or petitions, will not be posted and will be disposed of.

Posting Guidelines

The following applies to the community message center and around the library:

1. All items must be reviewed and posted by library staff. Notices posted or left on tables without authorization will be removed and recycled.

2. Due to limited display space, some approved items may not be posted due to space restrictions. Priority in posting will be given to announcements by local and neighboring organizations. Oversized items bigger than 8.5×11 will not be posted.

3. Postings without a specific date will be displayed for a reasonable length of time, as determined by the library, and then removed. Once items are removed, they are recycled.

4. The Parkland Community Library does not assume responsibility for materials damaged, stolen or removed.

5. Posting of materials does not imply library endorsement or consent; nor will the library accept responsibility for the accuracy of the statements made in such materials.

Adopted March 24, 2022

Clean Air Policy

Parkland Community Library is a part of a tobacco-free campus in order to reduce involuntary exposure to secondhand smoke, raise awareness about tobacco disparities in the LGBT community, and ensure that the library is a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for employees, volunteers, and visitors.


1. Use of all tobacco products is prohibited on the South Whitehall Township campus which includes the library.

2. Tobacco products include, but are not limited to, all cigarettes, e-cigarettes, hookahs, vapes and all smokeless products such as chew, dip, etc.

3. This policy applies to all staff, interns, volunteers, visitors, contractors and external individuals and to any person or organization.

4. There are no designated smoking areas at the Parkland Community Library.

5. Tobacco cessation information, referrals, education, and materials are available to staff, interns, volunteers, and visitors.

6. This tobacco ban does not apply to public rights-of-way (sidewalks, streets) on the perimeter of the property because the library has no jurisdiction over city-owned streets, sidewalks and rights of ways.

7. Those interested in engaging in such activities outside the library should exercise care to engage in activities on property that is not the library’s.

8. Every library employee, volunteer and visitor is charged with enforcing this policy by personally adhering to the policy and respectfully reminding those violating the policy about it.

9. Violators of this policy will be reminded that the library is a tobacco-free space.

10. Signage will be posted to clearly state that the library is a tobacco-free space.

Adopted 9-23-2021

Meeting Room Use Policy


The Parkland Community Library maintains meeting room space for use by  non-profit organizations and community groups when such space is not  being used for library-sponsored programming.  

The library endorses the principles adopted by the American Library  Association in the Library Bill of Rights regarding meeting room use which  states, “Libraries which maintain meeting rooms, exhibit space, or other  facilities open to the public should make them available on equal terms to all  persons, regardless of their beliefs or affiliations.”  

Authorization to use a meeting room does not constitute an endorsement by  the library of a group or organization’s positions or beliefs.   

For inquires, email: jackd@parklandlibrary.org

Adopted 3-24-2022


The Parkland Community Library makes its space available on equal terms to  all qualified groups subject to the regulations below:  

1. All meetings must be free and open to the public and Library staff shall  have unrestricted access to the room at all times. No fees, dues, or  donations may be charged or solicited for any program.  

2. The meeting room may not be used for commercial and/or for-profit  purposes.  

3. Library-sponsored programs take priority over all other meeting room  reservations. The library reserves the right to cancel meeting room  reservations at any time in the event of a conflict with a library-sponsored  program. In these instances, the organization will be contacted. The library  is not responsible for notifying group members of cancellation or advertising  a change in the meeting room schedule.  

4. Programs may not disrupt the use of the library by others. All persons  using the meeting room are subject to the library’s code of conduct. 

5. All groups using the meeting room are expected to leave it in a clean and  orderly condition and are responsible for damage to library property. The  library shall charge the group or organization if housekeeping or  maintenance service is necessary. The minimum charge will be $25.  

6. Light refreshments may be served. The organization is responsible for  supplying all utensils and equipment and will be responsible for immediate  clean-up of the meeting room and the kitchen area.  

7. Rooms must be vacated 30 minutes before library closing.  

8. To encourage the use of its meeting rooms for diverse events and to give  all qualified groups access to this service, no group may reserve meeting  rooms more than 60 days in advance and no group may book a meeting  room more than 12 times in a 12-month period.  

9. The library shall not assume responsibility for the security of items  brought into the meeting rooms. The library will not provide storage of  material or equipment for a group or organization.  

10. Alcohol and tobacco products, including vaping are not permitted in the  meeting room. No open flames, candles or incense may be used in the  meeting room.  

11. Neither the name nor address of the Parkland Community Library may  be used as the address or headquarters of a group or organization.  

12. The library reserves the right to review all material distributed at  meetings and to approve any signage to be displayed on library property.  

13. The meeting room must be reserved by an adult (18 years of age or  older). Persons bringing children to meetings must assume responsibility for  their care and behavior.  

14. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the suspension of  a group’s meeting room privileges.  

15. In cases of emergency cancellations, the library must be notified at least  1 hour before the reservation.  

16. Nothing may be attached to the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, or sliding  room divider.  

17. The library’s phone and email address is not to be included in any  publicity that advertises the meeting unless the program is co-sponsored by  the library. 

Room Setup

The library staff will not be responsible for room set up or rearranging  furniture or equipment in advance of a meeting. Organizations will be  responsible for room set up and must return the room to the original  arrangement at the completion of the meeting. Failure to comply may result  in the suspension of a group’s meeting room privileges. Tables and chairs  are provided. 

Available Equipment

Available equipment that may be requested at the time of application  includes Smart TV/Chromecast, Podium and Microphone.  

Trained library staff, when in the building, will provide basic assistance with  library-owned equipment. If staff are not available, the library will provide  simple written instructions for equipment use.  

Meeting room use is contingent upon accepting the library’s meeting room  policy.  

Fee Schedule

Meeting room rental fees include use of the room(s) for up to 4 hours or  until 30 minutes before the library closes, whichever comes first.  

Not For Profit and/or Nonprofit Organizations:  

This includes not-for-profit and/or nonprofit community groups who would  like to rent meeting room space to conduct their own organization’s  meetings, events, and/or activities that may or may not be open to the  public and may or may not support the mission of the library.  

Meeting Room – Maximum Occupancy – 60 persons – $20.00.  

This fee may be waived at the Parkland Community Library’s discretion.  Meeting room rentals must end no later than 30 minutes prior to the  library’s scheduled closing time for that day to allow library staff time to  prepare the meeting rooms for next-day activities. Payment of rental fee  must accompany the signed application or a credit card receipt from the  circulation desk must be attached to your application.  

Renting organizations are responsible for any damage sustained to the  flooring, walls, or equipment and will be charged full repair or replacement  fees. The library reserves the right to charge a fee if facilities must be  cleaned. No custodial service is available. No storage of the organization’s  items is available before or after the meeting.

Application & Insurance

The following statements apply to all organizations who rent meeting room  space.  

A signed Meeting Room Reservation Form needs to be completed and  submitted no later than 7 days in advance of the meeting. Reservations  cannot be guaranteed if forms arrive later than 7 days in advance.  

The application form must be signed by an authorized representative of the  group who shall attend the meeting and be responsible for the conduct of  the meeting attendees and for any damages.  

Each application will be reviewed and the contact person will receive  confirmation.  

The meeting rooms will not be considered scheduled until confirmation is  sent.  

Nonprofit businesses must furnish adequate insurance for bodily injury and  property damage.  

Insurance certificate must indicate that Parkland Community Library and  South Whitehall Township are named as additional insureds on the policy  and include a hold harmless agreement from the presenter. No exceptions  will be made.

Applications can be dropped off at the library, mailed, or sent by email to jackd@parklandlibrary.org