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Library Cards & Borrowing Info

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Who is eligible for a library card?

Residents of Parkland School District

This includes North Whitehall, South Whitehall, and Upper Macungie Townships, as well as residents ward 17, 4th district and ward 18, 2nd district, both of Allentown.

Members who are aged 5 and up will receive a Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative card, which allows you to use any member library in the cooperative. You will also be able to take advantage of ACCESS Pennsylvania, a statewide program that lets you get a membership with any participating library, on the condition that you have an up-to-date card with your home library. Please contact any libraries you wish to register with beforehand to find out their requirements.

Members who are less than 5 years of age will receive a My First Library Card. This card is only good at the Parkland Community Library. Benefits and limitations are listed here.


Residents of the Northwestern Lehigh School District are able to purchase a membership for $40/year. Cardholders will be able to use any member library in the cooperative, but will not have ACCESS Pennsylvania privileges. At this time, access to hoopla is not granted to patrons with non-resident cards.


Pennsylvania residents who belong to local libraries that participate in ACCESS Pennsylvania will be able to register with the Parkland Library, on the condition that they have an up-to-date card with their home library.

*Special note for parents: For applicants under 18, the legal guardian is responsible for the care and return of items checked out at Parkland Community Library. The legal guardian is to pay all fines and damages that may occur to materials. Legal guardians are responsible for managing their child’s account, supervising the selection of materials, and will make sure they obey library rules. A child’s card is subject to the confidentiality law. Manage your child’s account 24-hours a day through our online catalog and an automated telephone system. *Guardians must have an LCLC library card. 

How to Sign up for a Library Card

Once your new card is processed, you will receive an email with your library card number and pin, enabling you to place holds and use online resources. You will receive your card in the mail shortly after.

Borrowing Material

Loan Periods

Adult and YA High Demand Books- 2 weeks
(5 item limit)
Most items can be renewed twice, unless there is a hold.

Books, Magazines, Audiobooks- 3 weeks

New Adult & New YA Books- 2 weeks

DVDs- 1 week

DVD Series- 2 weeks

Launchpads- 1 week
Adult Parkland residents may borrow up to 3 per card for 1 week. Launchpads must be returned to the circulation desk.

Museum Passes- 1 week
Local and regional museum admission passes are available to adult Parkland residents. Museum passes do not renew. Passes must be returned to the circulation desk.

Requests for Materials

Holds must be picked up within 4 days.

You may place a hold (reserve) on any item (with the exception of reference material) by phone, in-person, or through the website. Find your item in the catalog, click on “place hold,” and enter your library card number and PIN.

The library will contact you when your item has arrived. You will have 4 days to arrange your pick-up.

To request items not owned by Parkland or the LCLC, please contact the library at 610-398-1361.

Fine Free

Parkland Community Library and the LCLC is now Fine Free! Patrons will no longer be charged late fees for overdue materials.

Exceptions Apply.

When visiting other libraries in the LCLC, be sure to ask what fees may apply. Special collections will continue to have late charges or other fees in accordance with each library’s policies.

Returning Loans

Items may be returned at the circulation desk or the 24 hour book drop located in the northeast corner in the back of the building.

Launchpads and museum passes must be returned to the circulation desk.

Additionally, materials can be returned at any LCLC library. View the LCLC libraries here.

The Library shall not be responsible for any materials left outside of the library. If any materials are lost, damaged, or stolen that are left outside, the patron will be held accountable.

Fines, Fees & Lost/Damaged Items

Late Fees

No late charges on most materials.

Items that are overdue for 28 days are considered lost.

Launchpads: $5.00 per day up to $50.

Museum passes: $10.00 a day, capped at $70.

Patrons are responsible for items that are lost or damaged. Replacement items are not accepted. You’ll be charged replacement costs and processing fees. If you return the lost item before paying the replacement cost, we’ll waive that charge. However, we can’t refund money that you’ve already paid, even if you return the book later.

If your account has $10 or more in fees, including for lost materials, your library privileges will be suspended. The suspension includes but is not limited to borrowing material, the use of the tech center, databases, interlibrary loans, etc.

Interlibrary Loans (ILLs)

ILLs must be picked up within 4 days or patrons will be charged a $3 service fee.

Lost or Damaged Items

If items you have borrowed have been lost or damaged, please contact the library at 610-398-1361. The Library shall not be responsible for any materials left outside the library or closed or full book drops. If any materials are lost, damaged, or stolen that are left outside, the patron will be held accountable.

Lost Borrower Card

Apply online for a new card. Please be advised that once your new card has been created, your old card will no longer work.

How can I pay for my fines?

We will accept cash, money orders, credit card, cashier checks, or personal checks for the payments of fines and fees. If a check is returned for any reason, we will assess a processing fee of $25 on your library account. Payment must be made in full with cash or money order before you can resume borrowing privileges.