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Parkland Community Library:
A PA Forward Gold Star Library

What is PA Forward ?

PA Forward is a new initiative of the Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLA). It was created to give voice to what the library community already knows, and what other states throughout the nation are also recognizing: With the right support, libraries are ideally positioned to become the community centers of information, technology, and learning that will fuel educational and economic opportunity for all citizens.

Why is PA Forward Important to Pennsylvania?

Libraries are no longer just buildings that house books. Today’s libraries are agile institutions serving real-life needs. They hold the key to powering progress and elevating the quality of life in Pennsylvania by fueling the types of knowledge essential to success: Basic Literacy, Information Literacy, Civic and Social Literacy, Health Literacy, and Financial Literacy. These are known as the Five Literacies.

PA Forward will make library services available for all Pennsylvania citizens; strengthen state-supported library services and leverage greater local and private support; have an integrated library system that will not only lower local costs, but improve resource-sharing for citizens; provide more databases at a lower cost and through a better statewide delivery system; bolster the recognized link between library service and workforce development; and raise the profile and importance of libraries and librarians.

What Are Some Ways the Five Literacies Help Me as a PCL Patron?

Basic Literacy

  • Increase your literacy skills, which will enhance your training in the workforce and contribute to a growing economy, tax base, and population.
  • Check out free digital and print materials and services for all ages. 
  • Attend storytimes and book clubs and participate in our winter and summer reading program initiatives for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Become a teen or adult volunteer.

Civic and Social Literacy

  • Increase your knowledge and skills to improve your life by participating and contributing effectively in our community.
  • Check out our print materials collection addressing a variety of civic and social topics: internet technology, history, self-help, gardening, language, and DIY, just to name a few. 
  • Access our free digital resources such as the Morning Call online edition to stay informed about local news.
  • Attend one of our Civic and Social Literacy programs targeted toward kids, teens, and adults.

Financial Literacy

  • Become an informed consumer and an informed individual, small business, or organization who will contribute to economic vitality of our communities through innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development.
  • Check out our books on personal finance, investing, business, and more.
  • Access a free digital resource such as Consumer Reports
  • Attend one of our Financial Literacy programs targeted toward kids, teens, and adults.

Information Literacy

  • Use online resources and current technology to improve your education, enhance job skills, and fully participate in our digital society.
  • Connect to our Wi-Fi network on your device and use the computers in our Tech Center.
  • Stop by the Reference Desk anytime for quick tutorials on how to access ebooks and audiobooks, or use an eResource.
  • Ask a tech assistant for help using a computer, or creating an email account.
  • Access a free digital course through Universal Class, get free homework help via HelpNow, and study for standardized tests on LearnNow.

Health Literacy

  • Become an active citizen to manage your family’s well being and become effective partners with health care providers and therefore live longer, more productive lives.
  • Borrow a workout video, either on DVD or through Hoopla.
  • Attend one of our Health Literacy programs targeted toward kids, teens, and adults.

How Can I Learn More About PA Forward?

Visit the PA Forward website or stop by the library!

What is a PA Forward Gold Star Library?

The Parkland Community Library is a Gold Star Library with the PA Forward Star Program. This program encourages libraries to plan classes and events around the Five Literacies as well as develop partnerships with organizations.

PA Forward isn’t about books and computers — it’s about people. We here at the Parkland Community Library have taken steps to truly engrain this and the other ideals laid out by the PA Forward initiative into everything we do. We’ve demonstrated this by reaching the highest benchmarks established by PaLA through the Star Program. We will continue to exceed and maintain our gold star status well into the future!