New Audiobook + Car + FM Transmitter = Ultimate Road Trip!

Our newest audiobooks are available on Playaway. If your newer car doesn’t have an AUX port to connect a Playaway, borrow one of our FM transmitters to play the book over your car radio. Ask at the circulation desk.

Place a transmitter on hold here.

Playaways, Pre-Loaded Audiobooks

Try out Playaways, an all-in-one, pre-loaded audiobook. They are easy to use in the car, with headphones and speakers. FM transmitters are also available to use with Playaways. Search the catalog under “preloaded audio.”

Get started with a Playaway and an FM transmitter.

  1. Plug the KM18 FM transmitter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.

2. Turn on the FM radio on your car stereo system and tune it to an unoccupied frequency (you should hear white noise) from 88.1 to 107.9MHz. Then press [CH-] or [CH+] on the transmitter until the transmitting frequency matches the frequency your car stereo is tuned to.

3. Use the audio (AUX) cable to connect your Playaway to the transmitter. Your book is ready to play! To start, pause, and skip, use the Playaway buttons. To adjust the volume on the transmitter, rotate the center button.

Connection Issues Troubleshooting

Not connected: try turning your car off and back on.

Noise or static: Please confirm that the FM frequency of the car stereo system and the FM transmitter match exactly. If not, you need to readjust the FM frequency. Or, you may need to select another radio frequency.

Please note: library staff cannot help set up transmitters in your car.

Frequently asked questions:

I already use Playaways. Do I need a transmitter? If you already have an AUX port to plug into your car, or if you listen on headphones, you don’t need a transmitter.

How do I tell if my car has an AUX port? Check your car’s manual. Some newer cars do not have an AUX port, so in that case, you would need to use a transmitter to listen to Playaways.

What comes in the box? The box includes 1 transmitter, 1 audio cable, and 1 instruction booklet.

How does borrowing work? You can check the transmitter out for three weeks, with the option to renew, just like a Playaway. Ask for it at the circulation desk and check it out at Parkland Library. We ask that you return it inside the library, not at the book drop.

Do you have other audiobook options? Yes, we have CD audiobooks. You can also get digital audiobooks on your phone or electronic device. See our ebook guide to learn more about digital audiobooks.