2022-2023 Annual Report

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Mission: The library connects people to each other and the world, serving as the cornerstone of our community by providing access to information, technology, and cultural enrichment for a lifetime of learning and enjoyment.

A Letter from our Executive Director

Parkland Community Library has grown so much over the past 20 years. The building itself has expanded, and the services to the community have grown as well. While the library still offers books, the resources and formats have modernized with technology. The core values of literacy and making information accessible to all have not changed. With going fine free, the library has removed obstacles to services. Libraries help to decrease the digital divide and connect families, teens, and seniors to community resources through materials and events such as Family Place Library and PA Forward. The library is proud to serve as a vibrant community center for all ages and backgrounds. Let’s move forward together by sharing community needs and visions. – Maryellen Kannarr

50 & Fabulous!

August 2 marked our 50th Anniversary.

“The 50th anniversary is a proud milestone for the library,” says Jaclyn Hoimes, library staff. “Parkland Community Library has proven to be a gathering place for patrons and their families. Since its inception, we have helped forge strong bonds with our community. We remain a fixture in pursuit of knowledge, technology, and entertainment. I want to thank all past and present staff and volunteers for their continued work and dedication to the library’s mission to establish Parkland Community Library as a cornerstone of our community.”


Your Parkland Community Library provides our community with access to technology and educational resources that broaden our horizons and connect us to the world.

This is your library. We strive to reach everyone in our community. PCL has established a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to strategize ways to attract new audiences with expanded access and representation. We meet with many local organizations to establish links to our community and provide diverse programming. We took down barriers. PCL and our sister Lehigh Carbon Cooperative (LCLC) libraries have been fine-free since October 2021.

Each year, we encourage patrons to sign up for SummerQuest, our yearly summer reading program. We aim to keep patrons reading all summer long with motivational prizes and a goal to keep readers of all ages interested while enhancing reading skills and comprehension, boosting memory skills, and cultivating a love of reading at any age.

We have supplemented this mission with ample learning resources, both in-house and digital, book lists, and engaging social media posts.

In addition, we embrace our community. Parkland Community Library attends and co-hosts many off-site events to show support for the townships we serve. Each September, we host our Library Card Sign-Up Month event, Touch-A-Truck. We meet the many organizations and families that call our service area home with a fun, inquisitive morning of exploration.

Library of Things

The Library of Things is a unique collection where instead of borrowing books, you can borrow a range of “Things,” such as a T10 Franklin Mobile Hotspot, a KODAK Slide N Scan, or a Bird Watching Kit. The collection allows people to permanently access items they may not need to own, promoting sustainability and reducing waste. Most items in the Library of Things collection circulate for one week.


The U.S. Institute of Museum Services has granted the Parkland Community Library funds to purchase Dell Latitude 5520 laptops and hotspots. These laptops are available for residents of the Parkland School District to borrow and search for information on the current job market. Additionally, each computer has access to new and innovative online learning platforms, providing users an excellent opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge.

Recipient of the 2023 Lehigh Valley Environmental Innovations Nonprofit Award

On April 28, Parkland Community Library was honored at the 2023 Lehigh Valley Sustainability Summit. The library received the 2023 Lehigh Valley Environmental Innovations Nonprofit Award for expanding and renovating our existing building and overall commitment to sustainability within our facility, organization, and community. 

The upgrades included higher energy efficiency, use of low emissions products and/or recycled content building materials when available, use of renewable energy and more efficient fuels, made use of the prior building and Brownfield site, establishing a recycling reuse program for waste and new products, kept supply chain for goods and services local or other measures. 

The Lehigh Valley Environmental Innovations Awards recognize innovative and impactful achievements in the environmental community. Awards are presented to businesses and organizations that exemplify best green practices here in the Valley.

Community Partners & Donations

Thank you for your ongoing support!

The Friends of PCL

Sponsors all library programming.

Luther Crest

We continued our partnership with Luther Crest by offering monthly programs offsite.


Ongoing Medicare Counseling appointments.

AARP Tax Assistance Partnership

Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery, LLC

The Neffs National Bank

Pennsylvania Department of Aging

Community Partners

Cetronia Ambulance Corps, Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley, North Whitehall Township Parks and Recreation, Parkland School District, South Whitehall Township Parks and Recreation, and Upper Macungie Township Parks and Recreation. 

Parkland CARES Food Pantry: PCL continues our participation in being a dropoff site for monthly food collections.

Plant A Row: PCL became a fresh produce drop-off site in June through October.

Lehigh Valley Therapy Dogs: Youth Services hosts a monthly program, Read To The Pups.

SummerQuest 2023 Sponsors


Crayola Experience- Easton

Kuhnsville Car Wash

Texas Roadhouse

Touch-A-Truck Sponsors

Youth Services partnered with local township agencies, vendors, and emergency services to offer free community programs, including our annual Touch-A-Truck event. This event is a highlight to promote National Library Card Sign-Up Month.

Notes from Adult Services

This year, Adult Services focused on bringing people together. The library hosted programs such as book clubs, assistance in understanding and using technology, gardening, and simple craft programs. We aim to invite the community to the library to share ideas, have a conversation, and learn new things. 

In addition to programming, the library offers access to a wide range of resources, including books, e-books, audiobooks, and databases, which can support lifelong learning and personal growth.

PCL hosted many intergenerational events in 2023. We will continue to offer more of these events in the future.

Youth Services

This summer, Youth Services librarians visited all six Parkland Area Summer Recreation camps to promote the library and engage campers in a collaborative art project, as well as visited each Parkland School District summer library site to present popular Stories in the School’s programs.

Participants tended to the garden throughout the season. They trained vines, pulled weeds, harvested, and collected seeds; ultimately, their hard work paid off. Members were able to sample many homemade spreads and try recipes.

PCL Garden Club

Youth Services kicked off the PCL Garden Club this Summer in the Community Garden that Allentown West Rotary planted at the beginning of the year. Club members started the season by decorating bottles for plant propagation and cuttings. Next, we painted plant markers for identification in the garden. Children and parents worked together planting seeds, watering the beds, and learning about pollinators and other garden visitors (chipmunks). The children were excited to harvest the herbs and vegetables by late summer. We harvested more than 300 lbs. of produce for Plant A Row to distribute to pantries and soup kitchens in the community.

The club had a special visitor, Karley from the Parkland Garden Club. She came to show us how to collect and save seeds for next year’s garden. Members were so happy that she shared her expertise. Karley helped finish the season with an evening of recipes and snacks of salsa, pesto, and marinara sauce made with our harvested plants. 

The library is pleased to host this intergeneral program for our community. We look forward to continuing to offer this educational gardening yearly and expanding our membership.

The Young Critics Book Club

had a successful year. Children ages 8-12 engaged in a lively discussion on selected works in the juvenile fiction section once a month. In addition, each session included story-related activities, crafts, and a snack. Attendance averaged between 12-15 participants.

Young Artists Workshops

We spent the last three Wednesdays of August getting creative. Each session filled up with budding creative enthusiasts. Kids worked in mixed media and created sculptures, collages, and woven wall hangings for our first PCL Art Show and reception.

Notes from our patrons

We are so thankful for your kind words!

We moved into the Parkland area around 25 years ago with our two young children and enjoyed our trips to the library every two to three weeks. Each of them would check out as many books as they were allowed. We would often read books under a large shade tree in front of the library before heading home. 

Not having cable at the time (before streaming and on-demand), we would also stock up on the variety of videos Parkland Library had. There was one librarian who would often comment to me, “No books?” I would tell her I had my own books at home. Nevertheless, she would continue to ask, “No books?” On one of our visits, I grabbed the largest book in the area closest to the videos on our way to check out to escape this questioning. I figured that would keep her quiet! The book ended up being War and Peace by Tolstoy. I really had no intention of actually reading it. Still, out of curiosity and brevity, I opened it up, began reading…, and consumed it voraciously! I can’t express how much I loved entering this beautifully written epic. Besides the Bible, it is my all-time favorite book! And I will always be grateful for the librarian who asked me, “No books?” -Patron Email.

“They loved it! Aaria now wants to decorate the house like Candy Land.”

Jeanine Glass Subbenaik

Game Night: Life-Size Candyland

“You guys are all doing a wonderful job at the library. So many exciting events!”

Ashley Ford

Email note

We love the Genealogy section of the recommended websites! My son was doing research for Boy Scouts and found it extremely helpful.


Patron email

2022-2023 Statistics

The Library

Items Borrowed: 225,354

Number of Visitors: 94,213

Tech by Numbers

Public Computer Hours: 2,893

Unique Wifi users: 3,876


Number of Volunteer Hours: 3,358

Digital Resources

Number of Digital Resources: 14

Usage of digital resources:   38,060


Total: 15,879

Reference Questions Answered


Number of Materials in the Tech by Numbers Digital Resources Collection:


Programs Attendance

In-person: 12,846
Virtual: 1,361

SummerQuest Participants

Children: 540 | Teens: 90 | Adults: 98

Financials And Revenue

One charitable giving can impact more people than a supporter may ever realize. Please consider how the library has affected you and your family’s lives, and donate today.

We receive our revenue through our dedicated library tax and from the state.

2022-2023 Annual Report

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